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Trees and Shrubs;
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Evergreens, Junipers, Pine, Spruce, Yews, Birch, Crabapple, Maple, Magnolia, and Oak.

They're not just "trees and bushes"; they're part of your home's ecosystem. Few yards are devoid of trees and they need proper care and attention just like your lawn.

Few trees and saplings reach their full growth potential due to invasive pests such as the Asian Beetle, fungus, or even disease. Many aren't fertilized like lawns and require different methods for proper organic growth.

Our 6-Step program is designed to protect from damage, encourage long term growth, and remove damaging pests including mosquito. We apply proven, Eco-friendlier methods spread out through the year because trees require more than 1-2 applications to ensure they're properly protected from the elements and threats.

Call us today and find out how we can help. On-site inspections are available to properly diagnose your trees and shrub.


Trees and shrubs are exposed to the element, wildlife, fungus, and pests 365 days of the year.

Trees and saplings are like people; they need to get health checkups and proper nutrients to ensure they can survive what mother earth can throw at them.

Why do trees and shrubs benefit from professional care?

This checklist can tell if your trees and shrubs are in trouble:

Premature yellowing or browning of leaves
Bite marks and holes in leaves
Black spots on leaves
Holes in the trunk
Bark peeling and strange bark colors

Signs of to look out for