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Sprinkler systems for every Lawn and Landscape

Thirsty lawns need their water year round which is why our sprinkler service is the complete package. Our sprinkler technician team installs, automates, repairs, checks, and ensures proper lawn irrigation in the worst of droughts.
Tee Time prides itself on environmentally friendly sprinkler systems using premium label equipment such as Hunter and Rain Bird because water conservation isn't just about the community; it saves you monthly on water bills.

Our Sprinkler services consists of the following:

Sprinkler system installation
3-Step Sprinkler maintenance
Sprinkler Repair

All three are designed to minimize wasted water and maximize coverage on your lawn and yard. Our technicians regularly modify settings on each individual installation to ensure the perfect match in each season. We offer many options for existing sprinkler systems or new installs so please call or email for a free estimate today.


An automatic sprinkler system is an excellent home investment that will save you money, time, and increase home value. DIY watering solutions done poorly can lead to long term damage and inconsistent lawn growth. Watering lawns manually can lead to under-watering or over watering which costs you more in the long run on water bills and lawn health.

Lawn sprinkler systems benefit you in many ways
Spring Start Up is a thorough check of your system and back-flow reinitialisation. Any winter damage is repaired and new adjusted setting for the anticpated spring weather for the upcoming year.
System Summer Adjust is a seasonal adjustment to protect lawn from summer heat.
System Winterization is turning off a the lawn sprinkler water supply and blowing out all water to prevent freezing pipes.

3-Step Sprinkler Maintenance