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Nuisance pest control

Ants, Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Spiders, and other insects have damaged more lawns than heat last year. Our environmentally safe, surface lawn treatments insure that insect damage is prevented but still safe for kids and pets.

Exterior pest control

This service focuses on the perimeter of the house to safely remove the worst threats and prevent them from entering your home. We lay down pest prevention to ensure insects don't find a home in your home.

Tree & Shrub pest control

Asian beetle and other insects can turn your tree into firewood. Keep your trees and shrubs alive with our treatments aimed at the biggest tree & shrub threats.

Mole, Vole, Grub worm pest control

Call us today to learn how to take care of these moles and voles in a environmentally friendly way. Mole control and Vole control is essential for the health of your lawn in some regions. Our Mole prevention, Grub prevention, and Vole prevention methods have ensure the only holes in your lawn will be the ones you dig yourself.

Safe Pest Control with Tee Time

Lawns and landscapes are ecosystems supporting both pest and friend. Removing one pest from a lawn might be perfect for one yard but inadequate for another yard.

For this reason we offer flexible, combined insect control, mole control, and vole control plans with discounts. Proper prevention of all major pests in your region ensures a faster growing, healthier lawn for decades.

Combination Pest Control

The White grub worm is the most harmful pest to your lawn; Grows into Japanese Beetle!
The Chinch, Sod web worm, and Bill bug target lawns or sometimes trees and bushes.
For trees, the Emerald ash bore and Japanese Beetle are very dangerous.
Aphids and Spider mites harm tree foliage.
Moles and Voles leave bushes alone but can wreak havoc on the average home lawn.

Most dangerous pests in Missouri